Burn To The Brim Help
  To quickly show you how BTTB works, set:

Medium: Default 74min CD
Search time: 1 (seconds)
Media to fill: 0
Splitting depth: 0
Move to folder: Unchecked (important!)
Show folder names: Unchecked
Process empty files/folders: Unchecked

Next, press start and go into the folder you have all files and folders you want to burn in.

As soon as you press 'Open', BTTB will look for combinations of the files/subfolders found in this folder to fill up a CD (or other medium you select) as much as possible. Each subfolder will be kept undivided.

The first priority is to fill the media to the brim, second is to minimize the number of items (so the larger, harder to fit items have preference and more items to choose from are left for the next burn).

BTTB is optimized for quick performance and considers the most promising options first. It also minimizes the search length by fast detection of dead ends.

As you can figure from the speed, the program cuts corners whenever possible (without missing anything). Unless you have a very huge amount of files and folders within the selected folder, or a very slow computer, BTTB will have found solutions in seconds.

Now you can try changing the options, which are all explained through the Contents page. I would recommend leaving Move to folder unchecked until you know exactly what all options do. You can also output all solutions to ISO 9660 format, ready for burning with you favourite CD/DVD-recording program (like Nero et al.) using the Create ISO's function.

The only option which may require some study is Folder splitting.