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Please read this helpfile completely. Feedback and bug reports (of which you are extremely certain and which are not listed on the homepage or forum) are very welcome! But, please don't mail us with questions answered here. Thanks!

This program quickly finds a [near] perfect solution for filling your media (CD, Zip...) completely with files and folders.

BTTB is freeware licensed under the GNU General Public License. Sourcecode is available at the homepage.
However, if you still like it after a month, it would be much appreciated if you would either donate (the equivalent of) $10 or more to an organization protecting nature/human rights and peace (on top of anything you might already give) or take some other real action (like writing letters to senators) against those screwing up our planet for short-term profits (Bush rejecting the Kyoto Protocol, commerce destroying the rainforests and the nature you know nearby). For ideas, visit for example the Green House Network. Keep focussed on these issues, as they will decide the fate for years to come.

The original author whishes to thank John, Tostie and Robert for beta-testing, and the UPX team for further decreasing BTTB's footprint.