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The forum is the main place to have general discussions about BTTB. You can request features or report bugs at seperate pages (see below).

Announcement list

If you wish, we can keep you updated on new Burn to the Brim versions / important BTTB news. This list is very low-traffic (unless a lot of new versions would come out :), and we won't use your email address for any other purpose or give it to anyone. This is no discussion list, you'll only receive mail from us.

You can join at (Send a "help" to this email-address for instructions, or simply go to the subscribe page by clicking on it:)

Reporting bugs

Please doublecheck whether it's indeed a bug, not a feature you just discovered :-) Then, check whether it's already listed as fixed or at least found on the history page. If not, you can post it at the submit new-bug page.

Requesting features

You are lying in bed.. Suddenly, your head glows up... This is not due to radiation, but because you just thought of a new feature for Burn To The Brim!. Now, if you want to see if we can implement this feature, file it at this page.Be sure to be as detailistic as possible please.

Contacting us

The preferred method of contact is through the forum. This will be read regularly.

The support/contact email address for Burn To The Brim is: Please use this email address wisely.

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