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Burn to the Brim: History

This page is no longer updated. Please inspect the release notes next to the files for further release information.

+: New feature -: Bug fixed *: Improved feature

v2.3 - DVD support
+/-BTTB now supports GB sizes so you can organize on DVD (bear)
*Code cleanup (bear)

v2.2 - BTTB goes GPL!
+BTTB released as open source! Last version made by Elwin, at least for the time being. Check out
-Option to physically delete files after burning by pressing <del> on group head now works (hmm, was this option documented yet? :-)

v2.1 - Various little stuff
*Some UI shuffling / bug fixes

v2.0 - Drag to burn, powerful file grouping, cd autodetection, much more
+Drag and drop found selections from the results window directly to your burn program, so usually no more need for moving folders, just BTTB and burn!
+Group items based on filename matching and/or MP3 tag Genre, as well as by hand. Now you can keep artist files together, as well as multi-part files!
+Enter as many custom disk sizes as you wish, and let BTTB autodetect the space available on any CD. No more safe-guessing, really burn until the outer edge!
+Ability to select items you immediately would like to burn
+Ability to remove items from the BTTB list in memory which you don't want to include
+Ability to delete found selections after you have burned them
+Keyboard accellerators thoughout the entire program
*Easier directory selection dialog
*The update I least enjoyed though you probably will, is the improved help file :-)
*Web addresses changed slightly, webmasters please update!
-Folder moving could cancel on certain systems (due to windows SHFileOp bug). Made workaround.
-Bug in uninstall fixed which left registry keys. All installed keys are removed now on uninstall, also any left by an old 1.x version.

v1.3 - Splitting, Win9x fix
+Folder splitting, enabling you more control on what to select
*Still faster search
-Folder moving on Win9x systems now works as it should

v1.2 - GUI, file moving
+Switched from basic text screen to a nice GUI
+Added file moving option, to set apart found selections for burning
+Option to change the seach duration and its requirements
+Possibility to fill not just 1 but several media

v1.1 - Media type selection
+Possibility to select different media types and define one custom type

v1.0 - How it all started
Initial published version. Basic buttons and textscreen, just 1 search, no file moving, only 74min cd media allowed.

Burn to the Brim, BTTB (c) (tm) 2001 E.M. Oost. Yada yada