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Current version: 2.9.0

Burn to the Brim is an open-source freeware program designed to make selection of files to optimally fill a CD a breeze.

Help Burn To The Brim get translated to French, German, Spanish and Afrikaans.

Read the manual/help for Burn To The Brim here.

Answer to the most frequently asked question: You'll need ASPI drivers installed, or BTTB 2.9.0 won't start! If needed, you can find them here.

If you're new to the program, read the overview. Otherwise, take your pick from the menu.

Note: BTTB is freeware but if you donate whatever you think it's worth or (perhaps even better) take some real action for an environmental goal that'd be much appreciated!

Some kudos BTTB received:

Featured in the c't magazine 21/2002
Softlandmark Editors pick
Wintotal 6/6 Points
Slunecnice Editor's Tip / 5 Sunflowers (Czech)
SofoTex 5 Stars
CompletelyFreeSoftware 5 Doves
WebAttack Editor's Pick (v2.0)
SoftLandMark Editor's Pick (v2.0)
ZDNet 5 Stars (v2.0)
Rocket Download 5 Smileys / Top feature in Launch (v2.0)
Softonic ¡Excelente! / Essential in class (Spanish) (v2.0)
Recommended by VOLFTP (Italian) (v2.0)
Nonags 5 Duckies
Vizzavi 'Very Good!' (v2.0)
Aroob 5 Stars (Arabic) (v2.0)
Bifon Gold award (v2.0)
Lockergnome: "... I haven't been this excited about burning things since those days on the sidewalk with the ants and my magnifying glass. Or was it boy scout camp with that can of propellant?" (Note)
DigiFreq: Featured program "...Best of the best..."
Tucows: "... A must-have if you spend a lot of time moving files around ..."
Top Quality Freeware 5 / 5
FileFlash 5 Flashes (v1.2)
Featured program in the 21/8/2001 release of E-Zone Magazine (Hong Kong)

Note about Lockergnome's comment: I take this quote in jest. I suggest you do the same, as Lockergnome assured me it was. I've literally never in my life intentionally harmed an animal (with the exception of quick and painless deaths of parasites) and have been a vegetarian for about a decade, and still enjoyed it. If no one were allowed to make any politically incorrect statement I feel the world would become a very boring place. This statement is so politically incorrect I didn't think anyone would take it seriously, but I was wrong :)
Burn to the Brim, (cl) BTTB Team.